About Us

ATFS Services is unlike any other mining company in the world. In ATFS Services Network Global opportunity we allow 100% FREE access to all miners while offering top notch 24/7 support and uptime that you won't find with any other mining company.

The reason we are able to operate with such support AND offer special incentives to miners is because our business model is backed by thousands of members who are participating in the ATFS Services Network global opportunity.

With this unique business model each ATFS Services Network member can purchase mining hardware and share in the total profits of all Bitcoin being mined. These members can also use their mining earnings to purchase additional mining power.

This ATFS Services members will continue to grow daily from these members alone and if we can attract more miners to the group then our miners and there referrals will earn more incentives. This model only works because we pay affiliate referral income to all members of ATFS Services Network.