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Kliffo has a purpose of helping people deal with their everyday problems. The products that we offer are made for the better health and lifestyle of the people.

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Our Featured Product Cooking Oil Purifier

Our featured product is selling like hotcakes because of its unique characteristics that cannot be found anywhere else. The first cooking oil purifier that purifies the used oil and makes it reusable.


  • Balance Iodine level in the oil
  • Decrease amount of PV, FFA, ACID, TPS
  • Help to balance & maintain HDL/LDL accordingly        
  • KLIFFO COOKING OIL FILTER is a non-electrical device
  • Get 99% purification through our FILTER MEDIA
  • Kliffo cooking oil purifier reduces the level of acid from oil with the natural process and makes it healthy for the human to eat.
  • Primary contents of refined oil are the harmful acid which imbalance TRI-DOSH in our body and cause many different types of hazardous diseases such as SUGAR, BP, ACIDITY, HEART ATTACK, BRAIN HEMORRHAGE, PARALYSIS.

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