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Kliffo aims for an essential and noble cause that every house demands in this health-conscious world. Its primary objective is to reduce the hazardous health risks. The purpose of the company is to provide a solution to the chronic diseases occurring in the society. Our dedicated team make various efforts and use specialized filtration methods to reduce the harmful effects of used oil by using this incredible eco-friendly cooking oil purifier.


Kliffo was started with an aim to assist people by knowing their everyday problems. The company works for the benefit of the nation and her people. The team make in-depth research on the day-to-day issues of the common people and work on providing a solution to their problems in the most convenient way possible. We offer solutions that are affordable, accessible and understandable that you don’t have to spend your time learning it.

Principles that we follow

  • We pay attention towards integrity and reliability of our actions and know its importance.
  • Our Multi-dimensional products offer considerable advantages to the society.
  • We follow eco-friendly technologies and manufacturing abilities practically proven by world leaders.
  • We look forward to making innovations in the field of technology by working with a team of international experts.
  • We always make efforts to grow and develop our capabilities to get the best out of our team and us so that our team increases with high energy and enthusiasm.

Our Mission

We endeavor to know the requirements of the common people and help them fulfil their needs with the best possible solutions. This brilliant cooking oil purifier brings a massive transformation in the usage of edible oils in the kitchens. This product helps in preventing various types of diseases such as Blood pressure, Sugar, Heart diseases, Cancer and Paralysis.

Our product can absorb and purify the chemical contents of the oils using its unique filtration process applied in the product. The change in color and density of the oil shows it all. We proudly feel the pleasure of the success with the enrichment of the Human Health around which our whole system revolves.

Our Motive

Our primary purpose is to make India healthy. Our product facilitates the customers to get a better healthy life economically just by using cooking oil purifier to purify chemicals in the used edible oils. If we use unfiltered edible oils, it raises the acid level and therefore leads to several severe diseases.

Our products are reliable and environment-friendly that helps in saving the environment and its sources. We have many other products that take care of the health of the people and their resources. We also serve SOLAR PANELS that facilitate in generating electricity from natural resource and helps in various purposes.