Is your vegetable oil killing you quietly?

For the last few years, people are experiencing a lot of lifestyle disorders including obesity, high blood pressure or stroke. According to the research, it is found that these unhealthy lifestyles are due to an unhealthy and unsuitable diet that people are continuously consuming for years. Are they actually eating food for a living or are they killing themselves silently using bad foods? These unhealthy eating habits if not changed can lead to severe health issues and results in some severe hazards.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is the change in the diet and eating habits of yours. Once you change your diet, you will start to find differences in your health and lifestyle.

The usage of vegetable oil such as soya bean oil and palm oil is increasing every year by 8-10%. The growing need of these oils is because of the increasing area of the food sector. The food sector is expanding due to various new bakery shop openings, increased consumption of processed food and increasing sales of vegetable oils for household purposes.

People keep on using these oils without realizing the fact that what these oils are doing to our body and how they are affecting our body.

Some of the reasons that clearly shows that your cooking oil is killing you steadily and quietly.

  • Oil comes under processed food and is refined using chemicals
    When the oil is processed, it eliminates all the nutrients present in it and is only filled up with chemicals. As a result, the edible oils to be consumed are toxic and cause various diseases. The refined oil seems to look beautiful and delicious, but they are killing you silently with its taste and beauty of food items prepared from these oils.
  • The absence of nutrients while processing of oils
    The vital nutrients and features of the whole food including fibre and minerals are lost in the processing and refining of oil. The nutrients play an essential role in the consumption of whole food and balanced diet. No nutrients mean no energy and no satisfaction to stomach.
  • Oil has addictive properties
    Oil is very much addictive. When you take a piece of the French fries, you will not resist taking another part and then one more after it. You will come to rest after the whole lot is finished. The taste and deliciousness of the foods prepared in vegetable oils are irresistible. You cannot take one only at a time and forget about it until the pack vanishes.
  • Reason for inflammation
    The high quantity of omega-6 fatty acids in oils are the reasons for inflammation. These fats further result in an increase in cholesterol and growing risks of heart diseases. Many other health issues such as blockage and plaque have the chances to develop in the body.
  • Food crowding with oil
    The foods we take have proper calories, and our body is adjusted in a way that it should take an adequate amount of calories in a day. If the calorie count is increased, we may get hunt by obesity. The vegetable oils are high in calories with no fibre and whole food present. That’s why when we eat fried stuff, our stomach does not full of satisfaction and there is space left in it for more calories. These foods crowding in the abdomen due to these oils lead to more fats content in the body and hence will make you clumsy. An overweight person is captured by diseases more quickly than an average weight person.
    Thus, vegetable oils are not suitable for your health and will take your health to the worst level. That means you will be killed by these oils slowly and silently and when you come to know, it will be too late to cure.
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