The facts about vegetable oil you should know

We all know that vegetable is a healthy source of food. When we hear the word “vegetable,” we assume that there must be something worth eating that will surely be beneficial to our health. If we consider vegetable oil, it is one of the most frequently used things in the kitchen every day for making any vegetable or frying vegetables and other things. But is it really healthy to use the cooking oil that we are using for years?

The manufacturers are actually not using the nutritious ingredients that people think that cooking oils are comprised of. If you go through the labels of the oil, you will find a list of various plant oils such as soyabean oil, mustard oil, etc. These oils are the most popular ones in vegetable oils. But how these oils are manufactured will make you feel scared.

The marketing strategies may have made you think that vegetable oils are heart healthy but no vegetable oil is healthy. It’s just to make people buy and use these oils. These oils are entirely processed using plenty of chemicals.

The vegetable oils contain excessive polyunsaturated fats, i.e., PUFAs that are dangerous for health if the consumption is high.

The PUFAs’ structure is tremendously delicate and needs low temperatures to store, and they get oxidized under heat or sunlight. The oxidized fats are harmful. The oxidation process happens while transporting or storing the oil.

The consumption of oxidized fats leads to inflammation, diabetes, depression and many other heart diseases.

The massive processing of vegetable oils follows several steps consisting of deodorizing, bleaching and other processes and then the final outcome is sold out in the markets. These processes are quite hazardous for health, and it is recommended that we should use unrefined oils for better health. But unrefined oils are not readily available in the markets.

The chemicals used in the processes of deodorization and bleaching like BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) and BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) prevent oils from getting oxidized rapidly but are not healthy for your body and disturb your body system.

Vegetable oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids that require the body to have more omega-3 fatty acids as if there is an imbalance in the ratio of omega fatty acids, our body may have to face trouble.

Excessive intake of omega-3 fatty acids is not a good idea for your body.

Vegetable oils have dangerous trans fats that lead to worse health conditions if taken in excess. One may get serious health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and obesity.

If you consume natural trans fats in a moderate amount its good for your health but high amounts of trans fat that are available in vegetable oils are not an excellent choice for you if you care for your body.

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